Book Arts Competition - Exhibition and Winners

This year we had a record number of entries for the Book Arts Competition. Thank you to everyone who submitted their amazing work. All entries are currently on display in our SF library through next week. The library will stay open from 6-7 this Thursday as part of the commencement exhibition - please stop by to see our display.

See the work of: Caroline Magis Weinberg, Nitisha Jaiswal, Bo Luengsuraswat, Ka Yan Cheung, Maria Antonia Valladares, Lynn (Katelynn) Jongsma, Kirk Johnson, Gurleen Gill, Ali (Aliena) Cameron, Yunying Zhang, Dylan Johnson, Yunying Zhang, Jeong Min Park, Esmeralda Velazco, Yael Fishbein, Felix Talkin, Erin (Yunying) Zhang, Shengkai Zhao, Henry Brentlinger, Tannia Sutanto, Lexi Hager, Bill Chien (Zheng Jian), Eing (Onusa) Opastpongkarn, and Emily Waite.

As our Book Arts Competion has expanded to encompass the Fine Arts, Writing, and Design - we've added additional prizes, so that each category may be judged separately. We added an additional Research and Book Design category this year, because we received so many great entries in this area.

The winners are:

best handmade book - Maria Antonia Valladares' Linha e Linho

best creative content - Ka Yan Cheung's Two Mothers

best research and book design - Emily Waite's Hayes Valley: A Transformation