Fair Use Fundamentals
What is Fair Use? "Fair use is an important right that provides balance to the copyright system and supports the constitutional purpose of copyright to 'promote the Progress of Science and the useful Arts.'"*

What is Fair Use Week? Fair Use week is an annual international celebration of the Fair Use Doctrine, by libraries, museums, artists and authors organizations and more.

What does Fair Use do for me, here at CCA? Student or professor, Fair Use gives you the intellectual freedom to watch video clips, see images of art, design, and architecture from books or Websites, in the classroom, use images of these works in your research, and quote from the books, articles, blogs, etc. in papers and presentations.

Ever watch the Daily Show? "Without fair use, there would be no parody, no critique and commentary, no transformative mash-ups, and no homage or pastiche."

Imagine trying to prove your brilliant theory about artist Tom Sachs without showing images of his work or quoting from works written about him.

Imagine trying to research The High Line without being able to use plans, drawings, or writings about it.

Fair Use is one of the most powerful parts of Copyright Law for teaching and learning.

  • Check out this tool that helps you think through your use of other people's works: Fair Use Evaluator
  • Look for the infographic online or in the Libraries
  • Questions? Come see me! Lisa, lconrad@cca.edu

* http://fairuseweek.org/blog/