What does this mean for you?

Streamlined searching!

  • A single, unified search for all library resources
  • Refine search topics intuitively, using filters
  • Full-text indexing of books and articles improves your research experience
  • Get recommendations for databases and research guides
  • Discover library resources & connect to librarians faster than ever before!
CCA Libraries Search in action

We are excited to introduce CCA Libraries Search, a streamlined search interface that collects all of the libraries' holdings in one place, greatly improving your search experience. Previously, our resources were scattered across dozens of different platforms and you had to know where to search in order to find the most useful results: ARTstor for images; VAULT for archival materials; JSTOR for journal articles; our CCA Libraries Catalog for books and other physical materials. CCA Libraries Search brings these platforms together, and many more.

We hope you'll enjoy using CCA Libraries Search. If you've tried it out already, please email us your feedback so we can continue to make improvements.

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