Most CCA students know that the Materials Library is a great place to experience Spunbonded Polypropylene or Rheinzink in all their glory, but what if you want get in on the cutting edge trends of edible architecture, vegetable dresses, or site-specific snack installations? You'd have to go to one of the campus cafes or a local eatery…until today! The Materials Library is happy to announce we will now be cataloging and circulating all foodstuffs in the known universe. We've started with the unpretentious pizza, perfect for your pioneering furniture designs or perhaps a delicious carpet substitute for your studio. But soon we hope to add donuts, hot pockets, kale, and—space permitting—a rotisserie chicken.

All foodstuffs will circulate for the typical two-day period. Patrons will be charged a full replacement fee if any portion of the item is consumed.