Student book art competition

Student Book Arts Competition

This year, two books by CCA students will be selected for inclusion in the libraries' artists' book collection and awarded a $200 prize.

Two categories of books will be judged:

  • handmade books in any medium or form
  • books that may be handmade or commercially printed, where the content is the primary consideration for judging (for example: photography, graphic design, comic books or graphic novels).

The widest possible definition of book will be considered.

Entries will be accepted April 27th - May 9th, 2016.

    Rules for entry
  1. You must be a current CCA student.
  2. Work on the book submitted must be in conjunction with a CCA course.
  3. The winning entries become the property of the CCA Libraries.

Download the full announcement (pdf), with complete rules and details.

book_arts_entry.pdf221.73 KB