War and Photography Exhibition, Meyer Library, installation shot
Runs from November 20, 2015- December 10, 2015. During the American Civil War (1861-1865), the photographic book emerged as a dynamic space for the exploration of the meaning of warfare, the meaning of photographic documentation of war, and how photographs shape and inform the memory of war. This fall, students in Makeda Best’s (Visual Studies) seminar “War and Photography,” created visual responses to the extraordinary collection of photographic books in the CCA Library on war-related topics ranging from the Bosnian War to the experiences of medical personnel and war refugees. Students chose books of interest to them, and produced new book covers that represented their visual response to the themes and content of the book. Books represented (students in parentheses):

  • Fazal Sheikh, A Camel for the Son, 2001 (Eddie Ka-Keong Chak and Karlie Cheang)
  • Monica Haller and Riley Sharbonno, Riley and his story: Me and My outrage: You and Us, 2009 (Laura Bee and Lisa Ferkel)
  • Exene Cervenka, Kenneth Jarecke, and John Hockenberry, Just Another War, 1992 (Twiggy Chen)
  • Ernst Friedrich, War Against War, 1924 (Treyce Meredith)
  • Gilles Peress, Farewell to Bosnia, 1994 (Danny Skitsko)
  • Harrell Fletcher, The American War, 2006 (Anh Vu)
  • Jim Goldberg, Wolf Böwig, Paula Luttringer, Asim Rafigui, Andrew Stanbridge, War is only Half the Story: The Aftermath Project. Volume 1, 2008 (Alvina Ng and Michelle Yuan)
  • Thomas Dworzak, M*A*S*H, 2008 (Aaron Yang and Joyce Kung)
  • Tim Hetherington, Infidel, 2010 (Gabriel Ascanio)

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