Thanksgiving hours

The libraries will be closed from Thursday to Saturday for Thanksgiving.

Simpson (SF)
Wed, Nov 21: 9-5
Nov 22 - 24: CLOSED
Sun, Nov 25: 2-7

Meyer (OAK)
Wed, Nov 21: 8-5
Nov 22 - 24: CLOSED
Sun, Nov 25: 2-11

Enjoy the long weekend!

Increasing OIV Memory Increases OIV Performance

If you are using version 2.6 or higher of ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer (OIV) to create a presentation using your own images (or a combination of images from ARTstor and your own images), you might want to increase OIV's local memory. OIV is a memory–intensive program, since it manipulates large image files. It's easy to improve OIV's performance by devoting more computer memory to running the program.

The avant-garde YouTube

Ubuweb is a "completely independent... completely free" and completely amazing online archive of avant-garde texts, images, videos, and mp3s.

NY Times online archive

The New York Times recently made full-text articles from their archive available for free online. You can find and view every article published between 1851 and 1922 and 1981 to the present (though articles from 1923 to 1980 are still only available to preview for the time being).

Catalog Browser Search

You can now search the CCA Libraries Catalog from the convenience of your browser* search bar (that little search box in the top right corner of your browser window).

browser search dropdown menu From this page (or the library website) just pull down the dropdown menu and select "Add CCA Library Catalog."

Public Domain Videos

I thought I'd take a moment on this quiet Friday afternoon to point out an excellent site for checking out some interesting "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films online. The Prelinger Archives over at the Internet Archive, features over 2,000 weird old films.

ARTstor's OIV and Java

For those of you who are trying to download ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer and getting error messages involving Java, there are a couple of things you can try:

Download a previous version of the OIV
Version 2.6 is supposed to be compatible with older versions of Java, and is available to download here.

Download the Java update

Alum Weekend Hours

We're staying open a little longer on Oct 13 and 14 to welcome any alumni who want to stop by the libraries during Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Meyer in Oakland will be open from 10 to 6 on Saturday.
Simpson in SF will be open from 10 to 7 on Sunday.
Here are the regular library hours.

1907-1908 : a resetting of the first catalogue

EXHIBITION - A handset limited-edition work based on CCA's first catalogue to commemorate its centennial. Designed and printed by students in Emily McVarish's Letterpress Design class, Fall 2006.
On display in Meyer Library through 2007.

Faculty Publications

Recent books by CCA faculty are on display in Meyer Library through Nov. 2. Also featured is the memoir of Harry Ford, CCAC president, 1959-1984. View list

New books!

You probably know the Oak and SF libraries have shelves where you can browse all of our new books in-person. But you can also browse our new books and videos online. To find the list go to the library homepage, select the library catalog link from the top of the page, and then select new books and videos.

A few from September:

Arts grants

The Foundation Center in San Francisco is sponsoring a series of free workshops on funding for the arts in October. Highlights from the calendar include:

Nancy Chan art show

Nancy Chan, library visual resources assistant, has her latest series - Annie & Michael V - on display at the Receiver Gallery (1415 Valencia in SF), along with works by Olivia Park. "In the time it takes" will be up until October 26, at which point you can join Nancy for a closing reception at the gallery from 5-7pm. See more of Nancy's work at

Ruth Laskey art show

Twill Series (Bright Green), 2006 by Ruth Laskey
Ruth Laskey, library cataloger extraordinaire, has work up in a group show at Ratio 3, in the gallery's new space at 1447 Stevenson in SF until Oct

Libraries Orientation Video

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