Louise Stanley exhibit

Louise Stanley exhibit poster

Journals and paintings by M. Louise Stanley (MFA Painting, 1969) are on display in Meyer Library (Oak) from January 8 through March 5.

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum has made over 1,000,000 images from their collections available, "including ceramics, fashion, furniture, glass, metalwork, p

Solar decathlon resources

If you want some background on the Solar Decathlon excitement, where Team California's Refract House is currentl

History videos

American History in Video is a huge collection of videos from the likes of PBS and the History Channel, but cooler than those are their digitized old


This new free database from the Pacific Film Archive is fantastic:
Cinefiles contains scanned images of reviews, press kits,

Ruth Laskey solos in Berlin

CCA Libraries cataloger, Ruth Laskey, heads to Berlin to install and oversee her solo show at Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender. Until her return on October 6, cat

Marty Streich display

An exhibit of jewelry and other work created by renowned metal artist,

Welcome to CCA libs!

Welcome (back) to CCA everybody! Wondering what the deal is with the libraries, how to get started finding stuff, checking things out, etc?

Exporting ARTstor Image Groups to PowerPoint

Hooray! This long-awaited feature is now in Beta!

Summer research awards

We are collecting the first round of submissions for the 2009/10 Library Research Awards this week at Meyer Li

Philosophy resource

For the philosophers among us there is a new(ish) free online resource: PhilPapers, "a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers." You can search and browse an impressive collection of journals on PhilPapers, but it's worth noting that the full-text articles are rarely available directly from the site.

Simpson Library Mini-Remodel

The SF campus circulation staff are nearly done with hoarding their shiny things into the various burrows of the Simpson Library in anticipation of new furniture.

Chicago Manual of Style

UPDATE August 26, 2009: The library has subscribed to the Chicago Manual of Style Online for 2009/2010. You can access the site anytime from the library homepage!

Outer space

The often interesting Book Cover Archive blog just got the skinny on the legality of using NASA images for various purposes.
All publicly available NASA images are on nasaimages.org, which is co-operated by the Internet Archive. It is most likely legal for you to use them for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) unless there’s someone famous in the image.

Research award winners 09

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Library Research Awards!

Parul Sharma won in the artwork category for her book, Gameplan for Equity, which she researched and designed in David Asari's Typography 3 course.

Brittany Luby won the research paper category for How does Cézanne's painting style express the way in which vision functions?, written in Celeste Connor's Intro to Modern Art course.
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