What is plagiarism?

California College of the Arts Academic Integrity Code

CCA's own definition of plagiarism and policies regarding academic honesty from the CCA Student Handbook

Detection and Prevention

Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers

Clear guidelines for designing assignments that impede and discourage plagiarism. Strategies for plagiarism awareness, prevention, and detection from an experienced professor.

The Bedford/St. Martin's Workshop on Plagiarism

"This online faculty workshop distills the materials that Nick Carbone, Director of New Media at Bedford/St. Martin's, has developed for his live workshops on preventing plagiarism. They are free for instructors to use and print out as needed." Includes a list of recommended readings and downloadable handouts for students. For assignment design and preventing plagiarism, see also the college TechNote site

Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism (Rutgers University)

Information for instructors who have dilemmas about how to handle plagiarism, includes possible countermeasures as well as a list of methods for using the Internet to detect plagiarism

Plagiarism and the Web (Western Illinois University)

Includes suggestions for assignment design


This extensive online resource for educators has tips and suggestions for preventing and detecting plagiarism. From the same company that sells licenses for Turnitin, a web service for detecting plagiarized papers.

Internet Paper Sites

Cheating 101: Internet Paper Mills(Coastal Carolina University)

Here are a few examples of Internet Paper Mill sites:

Software and Services

A number of companies offer software and services that compare student papers with the texts from large databases of sources from the Internet, articles, and books for signs of plagiarism.


Turnitin sells the Writecycle Suite, which checks "students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases."


Windows-only commerical software to compare student papers to content from the Web.

Glatt Plagiarism Services

Commercial software, not to screen for plagiarized text, but to individually test students in order to "prove" whether or not a paper was plagiarized.