The CCA Libraries—Simpson Library and the Materials Library in San Francisco and Meyer Library in Oakland—house books, periodicals, videos, and various special collections.

As of 2016 the libraries holdings were 97,600 volumes representing 66,500 titles. The libraries receive 193 current periodical subscriptions and subscribe to nearly 2,000 full-text online periodicals.

Simpson Library (SF)

Simpson Library in San Francisco was established in 1986 to support the architecture and design programs, and now supports the graduate programs in all subject areas.

Special interest collections include:
  • Science Equipment Collection and MUSE carts
  • Object collections for industrial design
  • Small Press Traffic Archive
  • Artists' Books
  • Joseph Sinel archive (viewable by appointment)
  • Walter Landor archive (viewable by appointment)
  • Louis Shawl archive (viewable by appointment)

Materials Library (SF)

Located on the 2nd floor in San Francisco's main building, the Materials Library houses a collection of innovative and sustainable materials samples for material research related to architecture, interior design, industrial design, and fashion design

Meyer Library (OAK)

Meyer Library in Oakland is the original library of the college, founded in 1907. Its collections begin from that time and focus on the fine arts and visual and critical studies.

Special interest collections include:
  • Artists' books
  • Hamaguchi Study Print Collection
  • Faculty Development Collection
  • Games Collection
  • Capp Street Project archive (viewable by appointment)
  • Robert Sumner Mudflats Collection (viewable by appointment)
  • Charles Pfister Collection (viewable by appointment)
  • CCA / C College Archives (viewable by appointment)