Loan periods for students

  • Books: 14 days
  • Videos and magazines: 7 days
  • Reserve items: 2-3 hours or 2 days
  • Materials Library Samples: 2 days

Checkout limits for students

  • Undergraduates: 15 items
  • Graduates: 20 items
  • Videos and magazines: 2 out a time
  • Reserves: 2 at a time, no renewals
  • Materials Library Samples: 3 items

Loan periods for faculty

  • Books: 28 days
  • Videos and magazines: 7 days
  • Materials Library Samples: 2 days
  • Checkout limit: 30 items
  • Checkout limit for the Materials Library: 3 items

Loan periods for alumni

  • Books: 14 days
  • Videos and magazines: 7 days
  • Checkout limit: 10 items, 1 renewal
  • Alumni cannot borrow items from the Materials Library

Loan periods for staff

  • Books: 14 days
  • Videos and magazines: 7 days
  • Materials Library Samples: 2 days
  • Checkout limit: 15 items
  • Checkout limit for the Materials Library: 3 items

Non-circulating materials

Instructors may check out non-circulating items for classroom use. These include items that are expensive, irreplaceable, or can be easily damaged while circulating, such as oversize books and dvds.


Items may be renewed online, over the phone or in person. Books can be renewed online, up to 3 times for undergraduates and faculty and 7 times for graduates, providing no holds have been placed on them. Alumni are allowed one renewal for each book unless a hold has been placed on the item. Magazines, films, and reserve materials cannot be renewed. Regardless of where they were checked out, items may be renewed or returned at either library.

Library card

Your current CCA ID or alumni card becomes your library card after you have registered for library privileges and have a library barcode affixed to your ID. You must present your valid CCA library card when checking out materials.

Patron responsibilities

It is each borrower's responsibility to know and honor due dates. Patrons will be charged late fines or fees for overdue materials. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement of items lost or damaged due to negligence.


Fines are charged for overdue materials and items that have been damaged or lost. Library fines may be paid at either library. Administrative holds will be placed on students' records for all unpaid library bills.

  • Books: 25¢ per day
  • Videos and magazines: 50¢ per day
  • Reserve items: 25¢/hr or 50¢/day

Lost or damaged items

All patrons must reimburse the library for the current cost of the item, plus pay $20 to cover processing as well as accrued fines. There is an additional surcharge of $25 if the item is no longer in print.

New students

Starting June 1 of each year, full-time matriculating students are eligible for library privileges if they have a local address and provide their registration fee receipt and a copy of their class schedule, along with a verifying photo ID.

Pre-College & non-degree student privileges

Pre-College students have special privileges and may borrow up to five books and videos. All items are due on the Friday before the session ends. Non-degree students who are enrolled in one or more CCA course for credit, including those in fellows and certificate programs, have the same privileges as full-time students.

CCA Extension student privileges

CCA Extension students who are not enrolled in a CCA degree program or a CCA course for credit do not have library borrowing privileges, but they are welcome to use library resources and services on-site. This includes students in Summer Atelier and Young Artists Studio.

CCA Extension faculty privileges

CCA Extension faculty who do not have a CCA ID card may check out up to 15 items; books circulate for 2 weeks, with one renewal. Privileges are granted through the last day of the month in which the instructor's class ends.