The California College of the Arts (CCA) Libraries understand the important of research in art and design education and are dedicated to teaching our academic community how to effectively conduct research in an increasingly complex information environment. Information literacy has been identified as one of the California College of the Arts (CCA) college-wide learning outcomes. Through a combination of studio practice, course curriculum, and extracurricular activities, undergraduate students at CCA are expected to demonstrate their ability to identify, locate, collect, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly mobilize information for the task at hand.

Student work should successfully:

  • Identify a relevant topic
  • Select valid sources
  • Effectively apply sources based on disciplinary expectations
  • Document research

In support of these outcomes, the CCA Libraries provide an array of instructional services and resources designed to meet the research needs of our college and foster information literacy. Faculty looking to schedule an instruction session can request an instruction session through this form.

Types of Library Instructional Services

Course-Integrated Instruction

Course - integrated classroom research instruction sessions are offered to faculty across the curriculum in both day and evening classes each semester. The function of the course-integrated session is to instruct students and faculty in fundamental information competency skills and research methods. The librarian works closely with the instructor to design and deliver hands-on instruction with a focus on the required content and assignments of the specific course. Students are introduced to the types of academic resources available, taught techniques to effectively search and evaluate these resources, are guided in the ethical principles of using information, and introduced to the most commonly used citation styles.

Embedded Librarian

Embedded librarians work closely with faculty for the duration of a specific course. They can provide instruction at various times throughout the semester, create relevant assignments that teach students how to use library resources, and respond to student information requests. This program seeks to create an integrated and sustained collaboration with teaching faculty, rather than a one time or parallel interaction through traditional library instruction.

Any class that has a Moodle component can take advantage of working with an embedded librarian. We collaborate on a small scale or more extensively, whatever way best meets your needs. Here are some possibilities:

  • Instruction in specific stages of the research process (developing a topic, locating sources, evaluating information, etc.)
  • An accessible contact for on-demand instruction and general library queries
  • Specially designed content for the course, including suggested resources, tutorials, search strategies and research guides

There are many ways that librarians can reach your students and many ways that students can access library information. We are currently incorporating embedded librarians into the Moodle component of classes. If you interested in learning more about this program, please contact the libraries.

Instructional Services Librarian

The Instructional Services Librarian oversees the services of this program, provides instruction to students, and works directly with faculty to design instruction sessions. For more information regarding the program, or if you wish to schedule a class, contact Daniel Ransom at 415.703.9557 or via email at