Picture of New Materials Resource CenterCCA's Materials Library features new and innovative materials with a focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, and technologically smart products. The scope is interdisciplinary, serving designers, architects, fine artists, and others in their creative work.

Housed on display panels, the collection is openly accessible for visual browsing, tactile handling, and serendipitous exploration. You can find out what samples are in the collection by searching the Materials Library online catalog created by the CCA Libraries.

Material Connexion

For reference to a larger assortment of materials, the library has a subscription to Material Connexion, a commercial resource that offers a searchable database of its collections. Click "Guest" for on-campus access or create an account when you're on-campus to access the database remotely.

Visiting the Materials Library

The library is off the central nave of the main building at 1111 Eighth Street. The CCA community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors enjoy free access to the resource center for individual research or class use.

Hours are posted for the academic year, and appointments are encouraged for class visits. During summer session when the facility is closed, please start your materials research with our Material Connexion database. Email matlib [at] cca [dot] edu or call 415.703.9557 to inquire about access.

Development of the Materials Library

In development since 1999, the resource center was funded by three major grants from the George Frederick Jewett Foundation (for a total of $75,000).

Leslie Speer, David Meckel, Tim Perks, Tylor Garland, and Matt Paprocki were instrumental in getting the project off the ground. The collection is now administered by the CCA Libraries.