Inside/Out is a student-led collaboration between photography majors at the California College of the Arts (CCA) and Georgia State University (GSU). Although these two colleges are at opposite ends of the country, the students at each institution are exploring some common themes, such as: the development of the self, family representation, and gender fluidity. Navigating these ideas through photography and other mediums, the students participating in this exchange are looking inward and out into the world, from cyanotypes that explore the subtlety and power of liminal spaces to the dynamics of family legacies that critically consider “portrait” photography. These artists are not only interested in creating community through the discussion of how to navigate a world that ignores and actively seeks to conceal their lived experiences, but also, collectively consider the political and social ramifications of this omission. With renewed urgency and enthusiasm as the world reopens, this group of emerging artists have treated this standstill time to process, reflect, and rethink their practices of using photography to depict the world, their subjects and themselves. Each group of artists will interview one another and shape a round table conversation that will be hosted and streamed online by SF Camerawork. This collaboration culminates in this online exhibition as well as an in person exhibition at CCA of each participating school's artwork.