Overlooking a smokey San Francisco

Campus & Libraries closed due to air quality

The CCA Libraries and both CCA campuses are closed today, Friday November 16th, and tomorrow, Saturday the 17th, due to air quality. All shuttle service between campuses and between residence halls and campus are also cancelled through Friday. Administrative buildings will remain closed through Friday. Exempt staff should consult with their supervisors and department heads regarding work expectations for Friday.

Due to the poor air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area region, we recommend that you try to stay indoors until the air clears and wear a protective mask for long ventures outside. The appropriate dust masks are N95, N100, or P100 respirator masks. People who are already sensitive to air quality, such as people with respiratory conditions or asthma, should be extra careful. Here are a few other things you can do to avoid falling ill: keep doors and windows closed to avoid letting smokey air inside; avoid burning gas stoves or candles which produce more smoke; shower and wash your clothing after going outside.* If you start to feel ill, don't hesitate to contact a doctor or visit a hospital. Stay safe!

* Amel Ahmed, Carrie Feibel, and Sarah Craig. "How to Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke". KQED (August 7th, 2018). https://www.kqed.org/science/1926793/protecting-your-health-from-toxic-wildfire-smoke