Learning Ecosystem Task Force

Ecosystem of systems sketch

The Learning Ecosystem Task Force is an initiative intended to strategically examine teaching and learning technologies and develop a roadmap for the use of these technologies as tools to enhance learning inside and outside of CCA classrooms.

Learning Ecosystem Task Force Mission

    • An evaluation of current technologies supporting student learning,

    • a survey of available tools to address evolving curricular needs,

    • a roadmap for the implementation of technology to enhance learning inside and outside the classroom at CCA.


Started in January 2017, this task force is co-chaired by Annemarie Haar, AVP, Libraries & Creative Instructional Technologies, and Matt Silady, Chair, MFA in Comics. Members include faculty from the four divisions, at least one student, and staff from Library Instructional Services, ETS, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. The task force is crafting a vision and articulating the requirements for an online platform or suite of tools that will support and enhance teaching, learning, and course collaboration at CCA. The project team is assessing the unique instructional needs and opportunities at CCA and determining the best roadmap toward a solution or set of solutions to meet these needs.

Email Annemarie Haar at ahaar@cca.edu for more information.