First Year Program + CCA Libraries

FYP + CCA Libraries

CCA Libraries are partnering with the First Year Program to help students navigate the tricky world of creative research. How can students search for images and inspiration more effectively? How can they adapt the work of others in their own projects? How does copyright, fair use, and the public domain impact the ways in which they can reuse, remix, or adapt the creative work of others?

Instructional Services Librarian Daniel Ransom and First Year Program Chair Erik Scollon are working together to revise the program’s learning outcomes to prioritize how students can ethically use information sources and develop activities that will help students fulfill these learning outcomes.

We are implementing these key interactions between CCA Libraries and classes in the First Year Program:

  • Drawing 1: Faculty and students are encouraged to come into the library and actively draw.
  • 2D: Workshops to help students learn how to more effectively use image search and provide attribution for images used in creative projects;
  • 3D: Faculty-led activities in Meyer Library that encourage students to engage with the library collections as a source of creative inspiration;
  • 4D: Workshops to help students learn the essential basics of copyright law, fair use doctrine, and public domain and how to search for creative content in a variety of formats that they can reuse appropriately in their work.