Teaching + Learning Technologies (TLT) Committee

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The Teaching + Learning Technologies (TLT) Committee was created in September 2018 as an evolution of the Learning Ecosystem Task Force. In June 2018, the Learning Ecosystem Task Force produced a report outlining their final recommendations, among which was the creation of an ad hoc committee comprised of faculty and staff who would oversee and implement the recommendations.

Currently there are two sub-committees, LMS/Portal Expansion and Portfolio, tasked with researching the highest prioritized recommendations from the task force final report.

TLT Committee Goals

  • Oversee and implement the recommendations from Learning Ecosystem Task Force Final Report
  • Create the framework for ongoing teaching and learning technology development across the college
  • Promote and maintain effective avenues for communication between faculty, students and CCA’s technology staff to address evolving needs

Inquiries for the Committee

The committee welcomes suggestions for new software adoption and to address college-wide teaching and learning technology concerns.

Learning Ecosystem Task Force

The Learning Ecosystem Task Force was an initiative intended to strategically examine teaching and learning technologies and develop a roadmap for the use of these technologies as tools to enhance learning inside and outside of CCA classrooms.

Started in January 2017, this task force was co-chaired by Annemarie Haar, AVP, Libraries & Creative Instructional Technologies, and Matt Silady, Chair, MFA in Comics. Members included faculty from the four divisions, at least one student, and staff from Library Instructional Services, ETS, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. The task force crafted a vision and articulated the requirements for an online platform or suite of tools that would support and enhance teaching, learning, and course collaboration at CCA. The project team assessed the unique instructional needs and opportunities at CCA and helped inform the best roadmap toward a solution or set of solutions to meet these needs. The task force concluded in May 2018 after producing a final report outlining its recommendations for addressing these needs.

Ecosystem of systems sketch

Mapping of teaching & learning technology ecosystem at CCA

Learning Ecosystem Task Force Mission

  • An evaluation of current technologies supporting student learning,
  • a survey of available tools to address evolving curricular needs,
  • a roadmap for the implementation of technology to enhance learning inside and outside the classroom at CCA.

Learning Ecosystem Task Force Final Report

This report is informed by multiple studies conducted by both the task force and other groups at CCA, meetings and brainstorming sessions with task force members, and academic research and evolving best practices.

"We understand that CCA is in the midst of a seismic shift as it moves to a unified campus. Teaching and learning will be impacted by unification and there is a great opportunity to improve the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning at CCA. We received widespread support and, at times, expression of fierce need to bring strategic intention to instructional technology at CCA. We view this is as extremely positive and supportive of task force efforts. In the context of this, we acknowledge that resources are limited and must be oriented towards supporting unification. We propose our recommendations with the knowledge that they are ambitious and can only be implemented through creative solutions that make use of existing resources."

Learning Ecosystem Task Force Report

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Email Annemarie Haar at ahaar@cca.edu for more information.