Google Forms

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms lets you create documents that others can respond to. The data collected can be viewed in Forms, or compiled into a Sheets spreadsheet for further graph-making and analysis. It can also be used in conjunction with Google Classroom for quizzes. Forms can be customized with different colors, and you can reuse questions from a previous form to help make the process easier.

How Can it Help You?

Forms are a great way to collect responses. They can be adjusted to only accept one response per person, or allow multiple responses anonymously. Each question you create can accept a variety of response types, such as Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Date, and many others. You can embed a video, images, or a link in your questions as well. Once responses have been submitted, you can decide whether respondees can see their results in comparison with others, and receive an email notification when you receive a response.

Examples of Use

Instructors can:

  • Create a form and send it to students for responses
  • Use the quiz functionality to gauge student progress
  • Collect the data and export it to Google Sheets

Students can:

  • Create a survey, and gather responses by sharing the link
  • Take a quiz for a Google Classroom, and see instant results
  • See how their responses compare to their peers

How to Get Started

  • Forms can be accessed at
  • Start adding questions, images, video, and more
  • Use the settings to turn it into a quiz, or change how to handle responses