Google Sites

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites lets you create webpages without having to worry about the coding. New Sites scale automatically to desktop or mobile devices. You can create pages filled with text, images, or videos, and use the built-in tools to arrange everything in an appealing way. You can further customize the look of your site with themes, add a logo and change the style of navigation, and organize pages and sub-pages all to help suit your needs.

How Can it Help You?

Using Sites, you can create a much more engaging way to present information. Images and text boxes can be easily rearranged just by clicking and dragging. If you need a starting point, there are some simple layout templates you can add to get started.

Examples of Use

Instructors can:

  • Add links, videos, and images and more to pages
  • Embed Google Drive files on a page
  • See how their website looks on a mobile device while creating it

Students can:

  • Create a website to display their work in a course
  • Collaborate with peers on a website in real-time
  • Customize their sites with themes, buttons, and more

How to Get Started

  • Google Sites is accessible at
  • Use the pre-made layouts, or start adding content of your own
  • Create new pages and tie them together with links