What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a web-based application that enables instructors and students to upload images, video, or documents and then record and add audio, video, or text comments. Comments create a timeline for each frame which becomes an engaging asynchronous conversation. Additionally you have the ability to draw on the images or videos while you leave your recorded annotation.

How can it help you & your students?

VoiceThread provides an easy-to-use virtual space for interaction around rich media in between class times or as a way to create fun and engaging online assignments that encourage participation even from the most shy students. Any VoiceThread project can be embedded directly in Moodle or downloaded as a MP4 or MOV.

Examples of use:

Instructors can create voice or text annotated presentations using media that will be covered in class. This gives students a chance to reflect upon the material and offer their initial comments.

  • Peers can create projects together, upload their work in progress, and receive feedback. Final curated works can be reviewed by instructors or peers.

How to get started:

VoiceThread can be accessed at cca.voicethread.com using any browser or mobile device. There is also a free mobile app available. 

  • Log in using your CCA credentials.
  • CCA has a college-wide license of VoiceThread. All instructors and staff automatically have a Pro account and all students have a Basic account.

Help documentation can be found on the Portal at https://portal.cca.edu/essentials/educational-technology-services/web-services/voicethread/.