iPad + Apple Pencil

iPad + Apple Pencil - sketching

The iPad + Apple Pencil Project, led by the Design Division in collaboration with the Libraries and ETS, is a multi-year project geared towards further developing the CCA Digital Tools Program. In academic year 2017-2018 we piloted the tool in several courses, collecting assignments and selected student work, culminating in an exhibition in Simpson Library. In 2017 and 2018, we also organized a two-day faculty Summer Camp, co-hosted by Apple, for more in-depth exploration of the iPad + Apple Pencil and specific apps, such as Procreate and Morpholio Trace.

Some questions guiding this project:

  • Can these tools help us understand a Digital Tools class outside the traditional (cold) digital studio space?
  • Can these tools stretch our illustrative brains to create work that we couldn’t have imagined using traditional tools?
  • Can traditional media (works on paper) be successfully photographed and integrated into iPad Pro illustrations?
  • What apps work best for illustrators?
  • How might we re-define classroom space using mobile technology?
Grace Yuan Shapr models

Modeling an object: from the iPad Pro's Shapr app to 3D prints, for Gregory Hurcomb's Materiality and Space 4 course, Interior Design, spring 2018.

In 2018-2019, we are moving into the next phase of the project, rolling it out as a service to the rest of the college, and developing curricula specific to working on the iPad with Apple pencil. The attached PDF offers an overview of the process:

Overview for iPad + Apple Pencil Use in Courses

Email Lisa Conrad (lconrad@cca.edu) or Bobby White (bobbywhite@cca.edu) to discuss a potential project for your course.

Max and Quackers

Max and Quackers, an illustration in Procreate, on an iPad Pro, from Josh Ellingson's Digital Tools course, in Illustration.