iPads + Apple Pencils

iPad + Apple Pencil - sketching

iPads + Apple Pencils (100 total) are available on both campuses, for individual as well as for use in courses, complete with instructional support by Bobby White and Lisa Conrad and a toolkit of resources. To reserve for your course:

  1. Contact Lisa (lconrad@cca.edu) or Bobby (bobbywhite@cca.edu) to discuss your project
  2. Reserve iPads + Apple Pencils for your course (up to 5 weeks per semester)
  3. Email SF or Oak Media Center with course name, list of students, and apps you plan to use 1-2 weeks in advance of check out
  4. Students check out equipment
  5. Optional: Lisa or Bobby can give an overview of the iPad to students on the first day of your project
  6. Students return iPads and upload work to VAULT
  7. Faculty uploads assignment to VAULT

More details: CCA iPads + Apple Pencils

Questions? Contact Lisa (lconrad@cca.edu) or Bobby (bobbywhite@cca.edu)

Grace Yuan Shapr models

Modeling an object: from the iPad Pro's Shapr app to 3D prints, for Gregory Hurcomb's Materiality and Space 4 course, Interior Design, spring 2018.


Led by the Design Division in collaboration with the Libraries and ETS, the iPad + Apple Pencil Pilot, which began in the spring of 2017, experimented with and assessed the viability of this new device for use in the Design Division’s digital tools curriculum.

In academic year 2017-2018 the group piloted the tool in several courses, collecting assignments and selected student work, culminating in an exhibition in Simpson Library. In the summers of both 2017 and 2018, we also organized two-day faculty Summer Camps, co-hosted by Apple, for more in-depth exploration of the iPad + Apple Pencil and specific apps, such as Procreate and Morpholio Trace.

We plan to continue exhibiting selected student work, as well as to host faculty events to share ideas and student work. For more info, contact Lisa Conrad, Digital Scholarship Librarian (lconrad@cca.edu).

Some questions guiding the project:

  • Can these tools help us understand a Digital Tools class outside the traditional (cold) digital studio space?
  • Can these tools stretch our illustrative brains to create work that we couldn’t have imagined using traditional tools?
  • Can traditional media (works on paper) be successfully photographed and integrated into iPad Pro illustrations?
  • What apps work best for illustrators?
  • How might we re-define classroom space using mobile technology?
Max and Quackers

Max and Quackers, an illustration in Procreate, on an iPad Pro, from Josh Ellingson's Digital Tools course, in Illustration.