No Legacy || Literatura electrónica (NL||LE) originated at the Bancroft Library of UC Berkeley in spring 2016, curated by Alex Saum-Pascual, Assistant Professor of Spanish at UC Berkeley, & Élika Ortega, Assistant Professor of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies at Northeastern University.

NL||LE at CCA presents a subset of works from the original exhibition that focus on electronic literature in Spanish and English together with print works of contemporary post-digital experimentalism. Devoted to post digital issues, the works gathered here signal a nonlinear relationship between print and digital which blur the lines between them and look for instances in which they compliment each other. What is the role of print now that everything can be made digital? What are the ways digital objects are informed by print?

The exhibition showcases the use of computational and digital technologies in literary production in the networked world and its material connections with 20th-century technologized approaches to literature like futurism, concretism, creationism, stridentism, magical realism, and others. By bringing purposefully together a collection of print and electronic works in the single space of a gallery, NL||LE takes on a media archaeological perspective to create a “space of action for constructed attempts to connect what is separated,” in Siegfried Zielinski’s words. NL||LE asks questions that highlight unconventional literary relationships like the look or the handling of the works as objects.

You can read and view more materials from the exhibition in the VAULT digital archive.