How Ganesha Got His Head by Erin Bates (@erinbatesart_).

  • CCA Libraries Fall Services Update

    Our physical libraries will continue to be closed through Fall semester, but library staff are working remotely to help with your research needs. See our Remote Services page for complete details about our services for Fall semester.

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  • Investigations - Voting Story

    What is your voting story? Photography majors at CCA and Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia used this prompt to produce photographs for this digital exhibition. Students from each program also conducted interviews with each other about their voting experiences as well as their experiences as artists and students in …


A quarantine read I’m enjoying is Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources by M. Kat Anderson [Teri Dowling, Dir. of Library Ops] #quarantinereads #ccarts