New display in the Materials Library

Most people have probably heard of the ancient craft of knitting. But did you know it is being used to make soft robots, celestial maps, and automotive parts? Although relatively few people knit by hand, a new generation of knitting physicists and engineers are developing innovative ways to use knit structures. Some examples include applying knot theory to understand the physics of knitting, and exploiting the elasticity of knitted fabric to create artificial muscles.

Come by the Materials Library and check out our new display on the history and contemporary applications of knitting, including interesting knitted samples from our collection.


The Materials Library is located on the 2nd floor of the main building on CCA's San Francisco campus. Our collection features material samples reflecting current building and design markets with a particular focus on smart, emerging and sustainable materials and technologies.

Our current hours are 12-5 pm, Monday through Thursday. You can also contact erinm@cca.edu to visit outside these hours or schedule a class tour.

For further research about knitting, we've created a list in our catalog of books and material samples that are available from CCA libraries.