Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling software included in the suite of Google apps. You can view office hours, make appointments, and plan your day using the tools it offers. You can view your schedule in different contexts, such as monthly or daily, to get a different perspective on your upcoming events. Each new event can provide you with a reminder via email or push notification and can contain important details such as the location or web conferencing link.

How Can it Help You?

You can add another person's calendar to your view, and check their availability for meetings. Of course, you can always create private events that won't show up if someone adds your calendar. You can invite guests to events that you create, and the invite will be automatically emailed to them. Invitees can see the details of the event in the email, and respond directly.

Examples of Use

Instructors can:

  • Schedule meetings, or see when others are available to meet
  • Set working or office hours for students
  • Access their calendars on the go using the mobile app

Students can:

  • Input their class schedules and share them with others
  • Check their instructors' office hours and schedule a meeting
  • Set reminders for important events and deadlines

How to Get Started

  • Calendar can be accessed at, or by using the iOS or Android mobile apps
  • Create a new event, add a location, and invite guests
  • Add a colleague's calendar into your view to see their working schedule