Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education is a collection of cloud-based educational and productivity tools available to all students, faculty, and staff allowing the CCA community to interact seamlessly and securely across devices. Apps such as Gmail, Chat, Calendar, and Tasks help you communicate and organize meetings or projects. Drive, Shared Drives, Docs, Sheets, and Slides all support collaboration with others in real-time. Google Classroom and Forms help support a robust virtual classroom that encourages student engagement. All of these tools and more work together to create a secure environment for administrative tasks and teaching and learning activities.

Note: If you are teaching a fully online course, avoid using Google apps since they are not available in all countries. Refer to the Global Availability of Teaching and Learning Tools on Portal for more information.

Core Google Workspace Apps

Google Drive Card Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform for collecting and organizing your files.

Google Classroom Card Google Classroom

Classroom is Google's learning management software. It can be used as a hub for class activity, as well as a repository for student work and materials.

Google Gmail Card Gmail

Every CCA account includes a Gmail address. This address is used for school communications, and serves as an important tool to stay in touch with instructors or students.

Google Calendar Card Google Calendar

Calendar lets you schedule meetings, check availability, and manage deadlines.

Google Docs Card Google Docs

Powerful document creation software included in G Suite. You can draft papers online, collaborate with others, and access Docs from almost anywhere.

Google Slides Card Google Slides

Create presentations using a variety of built-in templates and tools. Slides can be accessed online or via mobile apps, and presented anywhere.

Google Sheets Card Google Sheets

Google Sheets helps you organize a variety of data and create graphs to help visualize it.

Google Forms Card Google Forms

Forms lets you create questionnaires or quizzes to gather data from a large group of respondents.

New Sites Card Google Sites

Sites lets you quickly and easily create websites that look good on desktops or mobile browsers.

Google Groups Card Google Groups

Google Groups helps organize large amounts of students or instructors.

Google Keep Card Google Keep

Take notes, make lists, and stay organized with the Google Keep web and mobile apps.

Google Jamboard Card Jamboard

Create collaborative ideas called Jams on a digital whiteboard. Available in both Oakland and San Francisco libraries.

Google Worskspace Service Team

CCA adopted Gmail and G Suite for Education Apps in 2012. As the number of people using the software for teaching, communication, and collaboration grew, we decided to establish a formal service team. Together, we named a Service Owner and defined a set of policies and procedures to ensure a successful support network for faculty and students. The Google Workspace Service Team reviews new features, tools, and policies to determine which changes need to be highlighted for the CCA community. We consult with the CIO Leadership Team as well as the Technology Services Security Team as needed to make sure the apps meet our security requirements. We also investigate problems with the G Suite service and provide direct feedback to Google about its products.

The G Suite Service Team are:

  • Service Owner: Mingyu Li, Instructional Designer, Libraries (interim owner as of Spring 2022)
  • G Suite System Administrator: Mark Goh, Systems Administrator, Infrastructure Services, Technology Services
  • Team Member: Eli Cochran, Senior Director, Web & Infrastructure Services, Technology Services
  • Team Member: Annemarie Haar, AVP, Libraries & Creative Instructional Technologies, Libraries & Technology Services

Google Workspace Service Owner

While Google has excellent help documentation for their apps, you may be looking for more specific help. You may want help deciding which tool is the best for a particular project, or how to best make use of Google apps in conjunction with your course. Perhaps you want to learn more about what you could be doing with Google Workspace apps to engage with your students, or better organize your own files. The Service Owner is your point of contact for all of these questions and more. The Service Owner for Google Workspace products is the Instructional Designer. The Instructional Designer oversees these services and resources for both faculty and students. To get support for Google Workspace services, or to request a consultation, contact the CCA Help Desk.

Getting Support

The Google Workspace Service Owner is responsible for providing support to the CCA community for Google Workspace apps and tools. The list of supported apps and tools include the Core Google Workspace Apps listed above. CCA does not guarantee support for additional Marketplace apps or Chrome extensions, but we will always do our best to support your teaching and learning needs. If you have general questions about Google Workspace products and services, Google provides a large amount of online help documentation. Start here: and select the tool you need help with. However, if you have a more specific question and can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact the CCA Help Desk.

New Google Workspace Service

CCA adopted Gmail and Google Workspace back in 2012. As more people use Google apps for teaching, communication, collaboration, and projects, we decided to establish a formal Google Workspace Service Team, Service Owner, and set of policies and procedures to ensure a successful support structure. While Google has excellent help documentation on how to use the apps in general, we know you may need help deciding which tool is best for a particular project or how to use Google Apps in your course. You may want to know if there is more you could be doing with Google apps to engage your students or staff or organize your files. The Service Owner is the point of contact for these questions. The Google Workspace Service Team reviews new features, tools, policies, and retirements and determines which changes or updates need to be highlighted for the CCA community. This team consults with the CIO Leadership Team and the Technology Services Security Team as needed. The Google Workspace Service Team also investigates problems with the service and provides direct feedback to Google about its products.

Service Delivery Model:

Google Workspace is an enterprise solution, automatically available to all active students, faculty, staff, and alumni (limited).

Core Apps Include:

Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Google Groups, Google Chat and Meet, Keep, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Tasks, Team Drive

These core apps are available to the CCA community at no-cost, and with no advertisements. These apps are covered under the CCA systemwide contract with Google, which includes not mining your content for advertising.

Note: Additional Google Consumer Apps are available for your use, but are governed by a separate contract between you and Google.

Partial List of Enabled Consumer Apps:

Blogger, Earth, Maps, Photos

Providing Feedback

Providing feedback to the Google Workspace Service Team helps us better prepare to support the CCA Community. Please contact the Help Desk in order to leave feedback to the Service Team. This feedback is really important to us, however, it’s not the same as leaving direct feedback for Google. It is *always* a good idea to provide feedback directly to Google. Doing so directly affects their development path.

Acceptable Use of Campus Technology

Campus Technology Acceptable Use Policy