Google Keep

What is Google Keep?

Keep is way to collect your ideas and stay organized. Each idea is represented like a digital sticky note on a board. You can generate quick thoughts or create a list, then add pictures or drawings to expand your idea. You can also share the note and collaborate with others, and arrange your notes with labels and colors.

How Can it Help You?

You can use Keep not only to jot down quick thoughts, but also to set reminders for yourself. Keep can remind you at a specific time, or even based on your location. Also, each note can be labeled to help further categorize each one. To quickly create a new note, you can also type "" into your browser's address bar.

Examples of Use

Instructors or students can:

  • Create lists, quick notes, or drawings and share them with others
  • Organize notes using labels and colors
  • Set time- or place-dependent reminders for notes

How to Get Started

  • You can access Keep on a computer at, or on mobile with the iOS or Android apps
  • Gmail also has a built-in Keep connection, found by clicking the icon on the right side of the window
  • Google offers a Chrome Extension for Keep, that can save images or webpages while you browse.