Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets?

Sheets is Google's spreadsheet creation and editing-focused software. It includes an assortment of templates ranging from budgets to schedules that can help you start, but you can also create a blank Sheet from scratch and customize it yourself. Like the rest of the Docs editors, every change is saved as you make it, and you can even work on Sheets without an internet connection.

How Can it Help You?

Google Sheets can be created on the web and with the Sheets mobile apps. Microsoft Excel documents are compatible without needing to convert, but Sheets lets you convert them back and forth if you choose. The Explore panel can give you an overview of your data, and suggest a few basic charts to help convey it. You can also use built-in formulas to automatically crunch the values and save yourself all that cumbersome math.

Examples of Use

Instructors can:

  • Use a spreadsheet to record grades and student attendance
  • Insert a formula to automatically calculate data
  • Graph data collected in a variety of styles

Students can:

  • Organize large amounts of data and visualize it with graphs
  • Create a schedule to stay on task
  • Collaborate with peers in real-time

How to Get Started

  • Sheets can be accessed online at, or by using the iOS or Android mobile apps
  • Quickly create a new Sheet by typing "" into your browser's address bar
  • Start with a spreadsheet template, or a clean slate and customize for your needs