Google Slides

What is Google Slides?

Slides is presentation creation software that is part of Google's suite of apps. You can quickly create great-looking presentations using several built-in themes, and customize them to your liking by adjusting font, colors, backgrounds, and more.

How Can it Help You?

As with many of the other available Google apps, Slides can be created from your computer or mobile device. While presenting, you can keep your speaker notes on a second screen to make sure you mention every point. Additionally, you can have Slides auto-generate captions that will display on-screen as you speak.

Examples of Use

Instructors can:

  • Create a presentation with images and video
  • Customize the layout and transition of each slide
  • Use the built-in captions feature to transcribe a presentation in real-time

Students can:

  • Collaborate on a presentation with peers in real-time
  • Create speaker notes to help while giving a presentation
  • Add animations or Google Drawings to give the presentation a custom look

How to Get Started

  • Slides can be accessed at, or by using the mobile app for iOS or Android
  • Use the basic theme, or see some of the templates provided
  • Add new slides, and use the layout templates to create a more engaging presentation