Information Literacy

Information, Barney Moss, 2011

CCA Libraries provide instructional services and resources in support of the college’s information literacy learning outcome, including classroom instruction, library workshops, and syllabi and assignment consultations.

We are dedicated to preparing students to successfully conduct research and effectively use information in their creative and scholarly practices. To help our students hone their research skills and engage in the reflective use of information, our instructional pedagogy is grounded in active learning, engaged discussion, and problem-based inquiry.

Students can identify, locate, collect, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly mobilize information for the task at hand.

Information Literacy Learning Outcome California College of the Arts

Through a combination of studio practice, course curriculum, and extracurricular activities, undergraduate students at CCA are expected to demonstrate their information literacy skills.

Student work should successfully:

  • Identify a relevant topic
  • Select valid sources
  • Effectively apply sources based on disciplinary expectations
  • Document research

Faculty who would like to schedule instruction services should complete the Instruction Session Request Form.

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Instructional Services Librarian

The Instructional Services Librarian oversees the services of this program, provides instruction to students, and works directly with faculty to design instruction sessions. For more information regarding the program contact Daniel Ransom at 415.703.9557 or via email at

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