Student Book Arts Competition 2019 winning entries

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS - Student Book Arts Competition 2019

Each year CCA Libraries juries a competition for students producing original book art in conjunction with a CCA course. The submissions are evaluated based on handcraft, content, and research & design. Three $200 prizes are awarded, and winning entries become part of the libraries' artists' book collection. All entries are on display in Simpson Library through mid-June.


Best Handmade Book - Chug Soda Coupons by Yuri Knighten

Best Creative Content - The Reneger by Lyssa Park

Best Research & Book Design - radical(ly) black femme by Lastarla "Star" Barker

Congratulations as well to all our students who entered

This year we had a record-breaking 40 entries, beating last year's record of 36. It was very difficult to choose winners - there were so many excellent entries. Stop by Simpson Library to see them all:

Alia Moussa, Bloock

Antonio Vidal de Lascurain, M + A

Ayesha Munot, Invisible Entities

Darian Newman, Barbary Coast / Jackson Square

Eunji Lee, The Tasty Wharf

(Sarah) Frederick Woken, The Valley

(Sarah) Frederick Woken, Too Good to be True

Geonjoo Shin, Anna

Geonjoo Shin, B.B

Haoxin Huang, When They Collide

Ian Wheelock, Little Black Book

Ian Wheelock, Rockette

Ingrid Yang, Roji

Jane Trieu, Oblivion

Jane Trieu, The Surreal Experience “pop-up book”

Jeiko da Silveira, Step into my Trip

Jocelyn Khosla, Between the Berries

Joseph Blake, A Hypertext Document to the Worldwide Web

Joseph Blake, House Muse-Ick

Kallista Salim, A Trail from Elsewhere

Karen-Symone Lee, King Uncle World

Karina Kristensen, Every Different Hour

Kyle Davis, Sensing 18th

Lastarla “Star” Barker, radical(ly) black femme

Lyssa Park, The Reneger

Megan Soohoo & Yifan Chen, Full Moon

Menaja Ganesh, Second Death

Michaela Realiza, In Between Two Deaths

Qichun Zhang, (Alone with my Thoughts)

Rebecca Kao, Pink

Ronzi Damian, Destruction: 9 Class A Fears and Anxieties

Samia Fakih, Glitch

Samia Fakih, Merboy

Stephanie Silva, You have one Fear

Will Betke-Brunswick, Ben and “Friends”

Will Betke-Brunswick, Indoor Femme Tries on his Summer Butch

Xiaoyi Yang, What is Hidden

Yuri Knighten, Chug Soda Coupons

Yuri Knighten, Flash Light and the Funketelechtical Legacy of the P-Funk Mob

Ziyao Wang, To My Wife